Halstead Town Council



Time: 7.15pm
Day: Monday
Date: 19 March 2018

Queen's Hall, Chipping Hill, 

Halstead CO9 2BY

Tel: 01787 476480


Councillor Mrs S A Diver - Chairman

Councillor A Munday - Vice Chairman

Councillor Mrs J Allen

Councillor Mrs S Dingle

Councillor C Fox

Councillor D Gronland

Councillor D Hume

Councillor Mrs J A Pell

Councillor Mrs E Penn

Councillor M Radley

Councillor Mrs J Sutton

Councillor G Warren

Members of the Council are requested to attend the above Meeting to transact the following business: -

1.  Apologies for Absence

2.  Declarations of Interests.  To declare any ‘pecuniary, non-pecuniary or    other pecuniary’’ interests relating to items on the agenda having regard to the Code of Conduct for Members and having taken appropriate advice (where necessary) before the meeting.

3.  a) Presentation by A & T ventures

b) brief presentation by Ray Houghton of David Wilson Homes concerning the Oak Road development

c) Public Question Time.  A maximum period of 10 minutes to allow members of the public to ask questions or to make statements, and for Councillors with ‘pecuniary, non-pecuniary or other pecuniary’ interests under the code of conduct for Members to make statements.

4.  Minutes.  To approve the minutes of the Council meeting held on 12th  February 2018.

5.  Planning Applications.   Dealt with by the Planning Committee.  ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ARE MEMBERS OF THE PLANNING COMMITTEE.  Chair of Planning - Councillor D Hume - report attached here

The following Planning Applications, which were received and circulated electronically, are to be considered at the Council meeting.

18/00208/LBC - The White House, 32 High Street, Halstead, CO9 2AP - Investigative work to repair rear corner post.

18/00112/FUL - Land Rear of 1 Sudbury Road, Halstead, Essex - Erection of a single dwelling with associated development works, including landscaping alterations to access.

18/00227/VAR - Land at Cherry Tree Close, Halstead, Essex - Application for variation of Condition 2 of approved application 15/01457/FUL - Alterations to setting out together with elevations relating to positioning of doors and windows on individual units.

18/00285/FUL &  18/00288/LBC - Brook Farm House, Colchester Road, Halstead, CO9 2HD - Proposed 2 no, parking spaces and drop kerbs, wall and gate.

18/00349/FUL - Wash Farm Barn, Hedingham Road, Halstead, CO9 2D - Erection of a cartlodge.

18/00367/FUL - Lyndale, Tidings Hill, Halstead, CO9 1BQ - Erection of double garage and workshop building at front of property within garden area.  Access drive extended to suit.

18/00348/FUL - 44 Hedingham Road, Halstead, CO9 2DJ - New dropped kerb to allow 2 no. parking spaces.  New access to property.

17/01665/REM - Land South of Oak Road, Halstead, Essex - Application for approval of reserved matters (layout, scale, appearance and landscaping) in relation to outline application permission 14/01580/OUT at Oak Road (East), Halstead, for the development of 100 new dwellings with 30% Affordable Housing, together with new allotments and public open space, drainage attenuation and associated infrastructure.

6.  Mayors Appointments and Announcements - report attached here

7.  Finance.  Dealt with by the Finance Committee.  ALL MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL ARE MEMBERS OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE.  Chair of Finance – Councillor M Radley

a) Finance.  

b) List of Payments to be approved - report attached here

c) Fixed Assets – report attached here

8.  Community Hall – verbal update at the meeting

9.  Youth – verbal update at the meeting

10.  District Councillors  - verbal update at the meeting

11.  Christmas Office Hours – report attached here

12.   Further information on specials – report attached here

13.   Pavement on Colchester Road – report attached here

14.  Open day at Queens Hall - report attached here 

15.  Data projector for Queens Hall – report attached here

16.  Infrastructure -report attached here

17.  Exclusion of Public and Press.

To give consideration to adopting the following resolution: - “That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted and pursuant to the provisions of section 1(2)-of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, as amended, the public and the press be temporarily excluded from the meeting”.

18.  Project update

S Greatorex

Town Clerk

12 March 2018