17th July 2017
Held at
Mill House, The Causeway, HALSTEAD, Essex. CO9 1ET



Councillor Mrs S Diver Chairman   Present
Councillor Mr Andy Munday Vice Chairman Present
Counvillor Mrs J Allen   Present
Councillor Mrs S Dingle   Present
Councillor C Fox   Apologies
Councillor D Gronland   Present
Councillor D Hume   Present
Councillor Mrs J A Pell   Present
Councillor Mrs E Penn   Present
Councillor M Radley   Present
Councillor Mrs J Sutton   Present

Also in attendance: Public – Mr Jim Davis, Mr Joel Fayers, Mr David Lilley, Mr John Miners,

                                     Mr Malcolm Root, Mr Paul Wiseman

                                     Mrs S Greatorex – Town Clerk                                   

281. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE received from Cllr Fox (work commitments) Approval was moved unanimously.

282. DECLARATION OF INTERESTS: Cllr Mrs J Pell Declared NPI - Agenda item 5 – Planning 17/01028/FUL as member of BDC and applicant’s agent related to member of BDC.  17/01079/FUL - As property adjacent to home of former councillor and known to her, and also has been acting for applicant with historic advisor. Cllr Pell declared NPI Agenda item 8 as Chairman of H4C.  Cllr Mrs E Penn declared NPI Agenda item 15 – as a member of Halstead History Society  Cllr D Hume declared NPI  - Agenda item 5, Planning - 17/01028/FUL as property is near to his home, and objector is known to him. 17/01079/FUL as property adjacent to home of former councillor and known to him.    Cllr Hume declared NPI - Agenda item 8 as has attended meetings of H4C Trustees when invited on behalf of Halstead Town Council (although has not attended for several months).  Cllr Radley declared NPI - Agenda item 5, Planning; 17/01079/FUL as one objector is known to him. Cllr Mrs Diver declared NPI  for all Councillors - Agenda item 5 - Planning . 1701079/FUL as next door to house of former councillor.

Before the meeting began Cllr Mrs Shirley Diver stated that Item 13 had been withdrawn from the Agenda.


a)Cllr Mrs Pell asked 2 questions:

  1. Whether it was correct that reports could not be sent out at their request to members of the public. The Town Clerk stated that this was normal practice as she had been told during her recent CILCA training. She offered to check whether this rule could be relaxed
  2. Cllr Pell stated that item 13 had been the subject of an informal chat with 2 members of staff at HTC. Cllr Mrs Diver warned her not to continue as this item was off the agenda.

b) Presentation on policing in Essex by Superintendent Trevor Roe

Superintendent Roe detailed the huge changes which have taken place in policing over the past 7 years. Austerity has meant that budgets have been cut by millions, and that the properties owned by the police, which are no longer fit for purpose, must be sold off. Essex police are keen to retain the 2900 officers they currently have and would like to recruit more. The demand for assistance from the police has increased. The primary duty is to protect life, with the focus now on emergency response, child exploitation, immigration issues and modern slavery, counter terrorism, violence with injury and high-harm antisocial behaviour.

284. MINUTES  To approve the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 12th June 2017.  Approval was moved unanimously, with 1 abstention. To approve the minutes of the Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 26th June 2017.  Approval was moved unanimously, with 2 abstentions.

Cllr Mrs Diver brought forward item 15 as 3 members of the Halstead and District History Society were attending the meeting.

285. REQUEST FROM THE HISTORY SOCIETY Cllr Mrs Pell informed the meeting that BDC would not give permission for another container at Courtaulds.

Cllr Mrs Pell moved the suspension of standing orders, seconded by Cllr Gronland.

Jim Davis(History Society) said that the History Society were very happy to have been offered the old kitchen as display space. When the planning application for the Queens Hall conversion had gone in, there had been an objection to placing a container on the car park. The History Society had therefore withdrawn that part of the application in order not to hold up the planning permission. They would like to request the use of the old boiler house, and the outhouse housing an old oil tank as storage for their archive. The History Society would do all the work needed on this area

Cllr Mrs Pell moved the meeting back into standing orders, seconded by Cllr Munday

1.Cllr Mrs Pell proposed, seconded by Cllr Munday that HTC formalise the arrangement for the Museum to occupy space at the Queens Hall

2.Cllr Munday proposed that the boiler house and oil tank outhouse be allocated to the History Society to store their archive, and that HTC make other arrangements for the storage of the salt and the sleigh, so that the third outhouse can be used for storing tables

286. PLANNING APPLICATIONS Cllr Hume Chair of Planning took the Chair for this part of the meeting.

17/01028/FUL. Bartholomew House. It was suggested that obscured windows should be fitted as the property overlooks others. Provided that there was landscaping and that contractors respected normal working hours, Cllr Mrs Pell proposed that there be no objection to this application, seconded by Cllr Mrs Diver. This proposal was carried by unanimous vote, with one abstention.

17/01079/FUL - Cllr Mrs Pell proposed that HTC should make no comment as all members of the council knew the former councillor who lived next door to this property.   Cllr Gronland seconded this proposal and it was carried by unanimous vote.

17/00195/TPOCON – This item had come to council as the tree warden Geoff Willis had been ill in hospital. Cllr Munday proposed that there be no objection to this application, seconded by Cllr Radley, and this was carried unanimously.

Cllr Mrs Diver resumed Chair of the meeting

287. MAYOR’S APPOINTMENTS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS -  It was agreed that it was important that councillors are seen to be involved with Halstead in Bloom judging, to show their community involvement. Cllr Munday reported that he had observed the mayor-making ceremony at Great Dunmow as part of the civic service, and felt that this was something Halstead could adopt.  Report was noted.

288. FINANCE Cllr Radley -  Chair of Finance  took the chair for this part of the meeting

a)Monthly Finance Report  Cllr Radley reported that the council’s finances are on-track and in line with budget. There had been a slight loss in income of around £1800 from the car parks in April and May, due to problems with the new parking machines. He pointed out that if there were a by-election, this would cost the council £3,000. This will have to come out of earmarked reserves, which are currently very low. Cllr Mrs Pell thought that an amount was always budgeted for elections. Cllr Radley said that this was no longer possible to allocate the earmarked reserves to any specific item while they are so low, and that the council needed to continue with the serious task of working hard to increase income and restrain expenditure to rebuild the reserves, in line with the long-term financial plan.

Cllr Radley proposed acceptance of this finance report.  Proposal seconded by Cllr Gronland and adopted by unanimous vote.

b) List of payments. Report was reviewed and Cllr Radley proposed acceptance of this list of payments. Proposal seconded by Cllr Gronland and adopted by unanimous vote.

Cllr Mrs Diver resumed Chair of the meeting.

289.COMMUNITY  HALL - Verbal report was given by Cllr Mrs Pell who said that the trustees had had a meeting with Cllr Jo Beavis on 14 July. Cllr Mrs Diver said that HTC was disappointed not to have been included in that meeting. Cllr Mrs Pell said that there would be other meetings   The visit to Gamlingay had gone ahead on 10 July with Cllrs Radley Gronland and Cllr Mrs Diver.  Report was noted.

290. YOUTH  - There was nothing to report


Cllr Mrs Allen reported that along with MP James Cleverly and District Cllr and BDC Chairman Steve Kirby, she had attended an event at the Cricket Club to see how the children from various primary schools are benefiting from grant funding from Cllrs Allen, Hume and Kirby to introduce the younger children to “Kwic Cricket”.

She had also had a meeting at the football club for possible funding for the installation of a PA system.. She can confirm that she has allocated her funding to that scheme.

In June she attended BDC member training regarding infrastructure that will have to be addressed in conjunction with the Local Plan.

As a member of the Licensing Committee she had attended Drivers Hearing for 3 taxi drivers.

Along with Cllrs Pell and Hume she has this month done more BDC member training as well as BDC full council on Monday 24th July and as always this will be webcast for HTC Cllrs to watch.

Cllr Mrs Pell reported that she had attended a challenging behaviour course, and member development on garden communities and infrastructure.  She had attended a scrutiny meeting and the governance committee, where it was reported that BDC’s accounting was excellent. She had attended Cabinet  and the community governance review which would bring Oak Road into within Halstead boundaries from the point of view of the precept. This will now be going out to consultation.She had also attended the judging of the Public Gardens in the Anglia in Bloom judging on 14 July. She had attended the Dart 3 responsive transport meeting, and it was reported that this form of transport was popular with villagers and would be starting on 18 July. 

Cllr Hume reported that he had attended the Local planning committee, and had met with Cllrs Pell and Gronland on the infrastructure of Halstead.

Report was noted.

292. POLICY ON INTANGIBLE RISK.   It was proposed by Cllr Mrs Sutton, and seconded by Cllr Mrs Allen that HTC adopt this policy, as recommended by the internal auditor. This was carried unanimously.

293. SPEED LIMIT ON COLCHESTER ROAD – Cllr Gronland reported  that he had been in touch with the Local Highways panel and that a speed survey could be carried out but it was unlikely to prove that a lower speed limit should be imposed.. Cllr Mrs Pell proposed that a speed survey should be carried out, and this was seconded by Cllr Munday.  Vote was unanimous.  Motion carried.


Cllr Mrs Pell noted that there was already a court named after Nash, and a second one would cause confusion. Cllr Mrs Pell suggested that the new street be named after former mayor and councillor Roy McDowell.  Cllr Mrs Diver suggested former councillor Jo Pike.  Cllr Mrs Pell proposed that Council recommend the name McDowell and this was seconded by Cllr Munday.  Vote for the proposal was unanimous.


As the Annual General meeting at BDC will be on 23rd April, Cllr Mrs Diver proposed that the HTC meeting be moved to 16th April 2018.  This proposal was seconded by Cllr Munday and vote for motion was unanimous and therefore carried.


To give consideration to adopting the following resolution:- 'That in view of the confidential nature of the business about to be transacted an pursuant to the provisions of section 1 (2) - of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, as amended, the public and the press be temporarily excluded from the meeting.

There were no confidential matters to discuss.

There being no further business, Chairman closed the meeting at  09.00 p.m.


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